AnyDence - Cornwall Transit Interior

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t1: Standard Overhead Interior 35" X 11"
Cornwall Transit has 15 buses with interior space for advertising.
1) Design and Manufacture
$395.00 for 15 buses
$295.00 for 15 buses for manufacturing only, if you use your own designer

2) Monthly Rate (based on 15 signs)
$10.00/month per sign for a one year contract
$12.00/month per sign for a six month contract
$14.00/month per sign for less than six months

Taxes are extra on all prices.

- Please request pricing if you are interested in more or less than one sign per bus.
- The standard sign height is 11" however, sizes other than 35" are available.

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Subject: Cornwall Transit Interior, 2014-Aug-26 10:09:58
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