About Us

Jans Signs was born in 1991 in about 180 square feet of basement space.

Initially, with a computer and a vinyl cutter, the objective was to service the demand for inexpensive, one-of-a-kind, vinyl lettered signs. It didn't take long before three-quarters of the basement space was taken over. At the same time, we discovered that customers such as Real Estate Agents needed volume signage, so we started Screen Printing.

In an effort to grow, yet remain a home-based business, a large addition was built onto the house in 1996; then a detached shop was built in 2000. We now have about 2000sqft of shop space.

Not only have we grown in space, but we have also grown in the variety of products and services offered. Now, as well as the vinyl and screen printed projects, we create hand painted wood type signs, so we have our own in-house woodworking shop for building and carving the sign blanks, and an area for the painting, custom lettering and gilding. We have also branched out to include dimensional lettering (Gemini), our own line of plastic sign holders, and larger format printing.



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